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GE LightSpeed QXI/PLUS/

The GE LightSpeed is a third generation multi-slice helical CT scanner featuring a 53 kW generator, 6.3 MHU tube and a fast gantry rotation time of 0.5 seconds.

Toshiba Aquilion 64

The Toshiba Aquilion 64 is a whole body 64-slice CT scanner built on Toshiba’s unique 64-row Quantam Detector and is known as the world’s only true volumetric 64-slice CT scanner with 64 detector channels, 3D cone beam algorithms and volume reconstruction. It offers fast temporal resolution, high spatial resolution, outstanding low contrast resolution and automatic selection of scan parameters.

Siemens Biograph

The Siemens Biograph is an LSO-based PET/CT scanner that integrates CT and PET technology into one flexible, high-powered medical imaging platform for versatility and image quality and performance. With a single, non-invasive procedure, it produces remarkable images, inherently registered, that reveal detailed anatomy and biological process at the molecular level.

Philips Gemini

The Philips Gemini is an open PET/CT system designed to provide increased comfort for claustrophobic and pediatric patients, as well as patients who have a difficult time lying still. Other key highlights of these systems include unique gantry separation, which allows the independent operation of either CT or PET, superb image quality with GSO crystals, head to toe scan length and smaller minimum room requirements.